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Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization   The Federation of the Two Shores (FDR) A Pied-Noir State in the West Mediterranean Sea  THE PIED-NOIRS (The Black-Feet)   A PEOPLE, A NATION, A STATE etat-pied-noir.eu  The Pieds-Noirs decide about their destiny within the framework of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Peoples, which was signed in Algiers on the 4th of July of 1976. Peace as the  only fight (Albert Camus) The New Pithecanthropus     People from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt 5 millions of men and women, the Pied-Noirs, originally from Europe, born in Africa whose families have been, 4 days after the Evian Agreement signed on the 19th March 1962:  -	illegaly stripped of their possessions -	thousands of them have been massacred, -	brutally scarttered on the 5 continents -	calomniated by their executioners -	insulted by politicians  They start a new search of a territory and an international status, further to a Genocide, an Exodus and Dispersal.    After half a century of suffering, for the same reason as the Armenian people, the Jew people or the Palestinian people, they testify in front of history and they call out the intenational authorities. The Pieds-Noirs: towards their destiny The booklet you hold in your hands is the matrix of a book which will be presented during the year 2019. The idea of a free and sovereign Pied-Noir State has not been created by a crazy and illusionist magician. It is certainly one of the best secrets of the 5th French Republic, the one which has caused the biggest spillage of french blood since the Pied-Noir People was born. The history starts when Jerusalem was destroyed, the capture of the partisans of Jean de Gischala and the escape of jewish tribes through Egypt to north Africa. This long way, throughout the centuries until today, has created a new people formed by successive contributions, in Berberia, from Europeans who were coming from the north shore of the Mediterranean to settle on the south shore of this interior lake between Europe and Africa. This junction between the Two Shores is actually the reason to name our Pied-Noir State “Federation of the Two Shores”. If we agree in considering that Alexandre Arcady and his brothers are Pieds-Noirs, then we should not cut their roots and we should consider they are also the roots of those who have mixed their blood to give a common identity to a new People. This People, the Pieds-Noirs, has realized its existence when Algiers has been taken in 1830 by the french troops who have expelled the Turkish, occupying since the XVI century, after the occupation of the Arabs setlled since the VII century. France has colonized North Africa for the same reasons as the Arabs and the Turkish. As France was not able to stay any longer on the south shore of the Mediterranean, France decided to leave from 1956 and put an end to the different forms of protectorate in Egypt, Tunisia and in Morocco. The last withdrawal was the independence given to Algeria in 1962. Secret negociations have been initiated between Arabs and France since the 16th of September of 1959, without any halt until the 18th of March 1962, which is the date of the signing of the Agreements of Evian. France contemplated 3 sollutions: -	Algeria remaining french -	Algeria delivered to the Arabs -	Algeria becomes a federal State which respect the 3 ethnic groups (Berbers, Arabs and Pieds-Noirs) geographicaly together. The second sollution was chosen because it was the easiest to bring into play with the assent of the international community. The secret agreements, which planned the return of the arab hegemony, allowed the First Algerian Republic to control the Berbers and the Fith French Republic to weigh on the presence of the Pieds-Noirs in North Africa. Four days after the signing of the Agreements of Evian, the Fith Republic organized the genocide, the exodus and the dispersal of the Pieds-Noirs in the World. As a start, the massacre of the inhabitants of Bab-el-Oued on the 23rd of March 1962, the one in Algiers on the 26th of March 1962 and, to finish, on the 5th of July 1962 in Oran which was only possible because the french governement had removed the french troops, making the Armée de Liberation National (ALN: Army of National Liberation) to have free hand. The Pieds-Noirs were left to themselves. No plan of safeguarding has been set up. Everyone had to flee by the sea and by the air to several destinations and only by their own means. Only Spain has organized operations of disengagement which were controlled by warships, risking a confrontation wih the french naval forces. The partisans of the french Algeria and the federal Algeria went on fighting to try to allow the Pieds-Noirs and Berbers to control their destiny. Individual and collective massacres followed, commited by confidential services from the two Republics from 1962 to nowadays. These days, a kabylian provisional governement has been formed to obtain the international recognition for the fight of the Mouvement for the self-governing of Kabylia with the assistance of the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization). The association Pieds-Noirs dans le Monde et leurs Amis (PNMA) has also given birth to the Pied-Noir State, on the 1st October 2016, called the Federation of the Two Shores (FDR in french: Fédération des Deux Rives), an event wanted since 1870. We will present all the details and the documents of the attempts of the creation of this State since 1870 in the book that will be published. But some of the authors’ names, registered according to chronological order, are: Romuald Vuillermoz, Félix Dessoliers, Raymond Aron, Robert Hersant, Général Edmond Jouhaud, David ben Gourion, Jean Sarradet, René Villard, Général Paul Gardy, Jacques Villard. All the protagonists of this Third fraternal Way have had to face difficulties, and some were insuperable as they were sanctioned with murders. It is obvious that if the State had been applied, big pains would have been avoided for the Pieds-Noirs, and they would have been allowed to live and to thrive on their native land. There is now a future to forge for the descendants of this Pied-Noir People and of its Nation through the huge work that await the Pied-Noir State. Jacques Villard.  If the author of this article is mentioned among the ones who tryed to found a Pied-Noir State, it is not because he is the son of René Villard or the head in office of the Pied-Noir State, but because he was the founder, on demand of the Général Jouhaud, of the association Patria Nostra, whose purpose was to create a Pied-Noir State in 1972. The Pieds-Noirs: a historical reality All together, the Pieds-Noirs form a People, a Nation, a State. This people stands up to assume its destiny in the international framework about the Right of Peoples to self-determination This Right is defined in the chapter 1, verse 2, in the Charter of the United Nations Organization: To develop between the nations friendly relationships, based on the respect of the principle of the equal rights of peoples and their right to self-determination, and to take any measure to consolidate peace in the world. In the framework of the Charter of the United Nations Organization, this people, which approves all its recommendations, commands a State to acquire a Territory, a Constitution, a Doctrine, a Flag, Armorial bearings, an Executive Organ and a Legislative Organ which is supervised by: -	A Head of the State: Mr. Jacques Villard -	A Council of State whose President is Mr. John Henri Bennett -	A Council of Judicial Authorities whose President is Mr. Jean-Paul Alberca The executive Organ is the Council of Ministers of the Pied-Noir State. Their president is Philippe Ruiz, also President of the Federation PNMA Catalonia. This Council of Ministers has, as its first mission, to represent the Pied-Noir People in the face of all the States and all the Organizations in the world in the framework of Peace and Security. The legislative Organ is the National Assembly, whose president is René Pico, also President of the Commission of Memory and Traditions, which collects and represent the Pied-Noir People in its diversity and its dispersal, not to forget anyone. The Pieds-Noirs are convinced Mediterraneans. They wish to work as mediators and vectors, with words and fraternal love as only weapons, so the interior lake of the Mediterranean civilization becomes neither a dustbin nor a cemetery, and stays as a leading-light for humanity, as it has been its cradle. The Pieds-Noirs adopt the prophecy of Isaiah the United Nations have indelibly printed: And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. A Pied-Noir Nobel literature prizewinner, Albert Camus, specifies with conviction: Peace is the only thing worth fighting for. It is not a prayer any more. It is an order that should go up from the peoples to the governements, the order to definitely choose between hell and reason. The Pieds-Noirs: an engine  The Pied-Noir People does not belong to anybody either in its form or in its appellation. It is free and sovereign. Five millions of Pieds-Noirs, which form this Pied-Noir people, have been scattered on the five continents following a genocide and an exodus, according to the title of the article 7 of the Rome Statute which defines the crimes against humanity as they are commited on orders “when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population”. The Pied-Noir People has unfairly and illegally been stripped of its properties (territory and houses) and movables, in violation of the article 17 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, which specifies:  Article 17.  Property being an inviolable and sacred right, no one can be deprived of private usage, if it is not when the public necessity, legally noted, evidently requires it, and under the condition of a just and prior indemnity.  The indemnity, in case there has been any, has been neither prior nor fair. So, victim of an illegal agreement between powers associate to its tragedy, the Pied-Noir people, totally isolated and ignored for half a century, has decided to: -	Contrary to the created legend, to introduce its martyr internationally speaking and ask for recognition. -	To sentence the guilties in the face of History and mankind. -	To get back and live on a territory that will belong to it for the same reasons and conditions as any other People. -	Make its descendants thrive, persevering the knowledge which has been acquired in the past. In order to get out of its isolation and to gradually open up to the world, the Pied-Noir People has taken the commitment of uniting to the initiatives of Nations and Peoples who take their destiny in hand. In other words, it has decided to adhere to UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization) and to take part in the creation of the UNPF (Francophone Nations and Peoples Union). The Pied-Noir People insists on: -	Affirming democracy as fundamental human right. -	Bringing into play the rights of man, the civil and political rights in the world. -	Defending the universal right to self-determination, promoting the federalism. The Pied-Noir People inscribes within the constitution of the Pied-Noir State the following principles: Self-determination, rights of man, democracy, nonviolence, ecology, all the values the Pieds-Noirs have propagated. The Pied-Noir Nation: a bond  What distinguishes the nations, had written Fustel de Coulanges, is neither the race nor the language. People feel in their hearts they are a same people when they have a community of ideas, interests, affections, memories and hopes. That is what makes the Nation. “The existence of a nation is a daily plebiscite”. “A Nation is a soul, a spiritual principle. Two things, which in actual fact are only one, form that soul, that spiritual principle. One is in the past, the other one is in present. One is the commun possession of a rich legacy of memories; the other one is the current consent, the wish to live together, the willing of showing the inheritance which has been received individed (….)  So a nation is big solidarity, formed by the feeling of sacrifices which have been made and the ones which we are still prepared to make (…) Man is a slave of neither race nor language nor religion nor the flow of the rivers nor the direction of the mountains. A big agglomeration of people, with a healthy spirit and a warm heart, creates a moral  conscience which is called a nation.” Ernest Renan (1823-1892) (philologist and historian) Nation is constitued by dead people, alive people and the ones who will be born within the community. Is it not reduced to an agglomeration of people, as the theory of social contract says, because men do not come into the world before society. It is not a simple term either, applied to heterogeneous realities. Nation is made of flesh and spirit, it is an natural-cultural being who remains identical to itself, as long as it is alive. There is no nation without the concept of historical evolution, which has only appeared in ancient times in some peoples: the Romans, the Greeks, the Jews. Nation is the dream of a people. It is a myth realised in history. Its main fonction is to make hundreds of thousands people enter the same community of destiny, in spite of the interests  and opinions which a priori separate them, to make obedient citizens to the same laws and respectful to the same traditions. A nation is not created by decree. Gradually, the generations form the desire to live together, under the same political authority, to act in history and to develop a common culture. From experience, it is known that this does not happen without following fights. Nation is an engine which allows descendants to identify themselves and to learn their values, a willing to live and thrive together on an identified territory and with accepted statutes.     Algiers on the 26th of March 1962, Nice on the 26th of March 2018 Despair and Hope reunited Creation by Mr. Jean-François Galéa Official Painter of the Pied-Noir State The Pied-Noir State in present times On the 26th March of 2018 in Nice (France), the Council of the Pied-Noir State, leaded by Mr. Henry Bennett, has chosen as the Head of the Pied-Noir State and President of the Federation of the Two Shores, Mr. Jacques Villard (President of the association Pieds-Noirs in the World and their Friends, founder of the Algerianist Circle and of Patria Nostra, former bursar of the Catholic, Royal and Military School in Sorèze which has been the institution where the Marschal Louis, Auguste, Victor de Ghaisne de Bourmont, has studied. He was also the Major of the expedition in Algiers in 1830). Jacques Villard has recognized, in turn, the election of the President René Pico, as the president of the National Assembly which is in charge of recruiting delegates of Memory, Tradition, Modernity and Competence, who are recognized by the international Pied-Noir community. He has entrusted him with the finance of the State. The three of them have asked Mr. André Delsol to cover for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers until the 31st December of 2018, in order to recruit the Ministers, Secretaries of the State, Ambassadors and competent Consuls, who are working since that date under the Presidency of Philippe Ruiz, in charge of the relationships with the whole political world.  Those four delegates have created the Council of Judicial Authorities, which is in charge of the Order of Right and Legality of Laws, under the Presidency of Jean-Paul Alberca, so the State is respected by the existing and recognized States by the United Nations Organization. From now on, the Pied-Noir State: -	Participates with the Governements of the Peoples who recognize it and support it. -	Intervenes with mediation and solidarity in the whole context of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea in order to make peace and durable development prevail. -	Denies itself all intervention in the affairs of any State, according to its absolute neutrality. -	Is the only Government in the world without any Minister of National Defence or the Armies. -	Recognizes the principles of secularism and dual nationality. -	Declares outlaw the use of arms, the destruction of the flora and fauna, the pratice of unemployment, the pauperization, the sexual and racial discrimination, as well as all the                      pratices which enslave humanity and destroy environment or create insuperable barriers between men. -	Respects and supports the associations who act to defend the interests, the reputation and the fraternal perenniality of the Pieds-Noirs in the world. -	Insists on the fact that the existence of a Pied-Noir State is the fair price to sentence those who have taken part in the massacre of this People, who has never proved unworthy of the trust placed in it, but has too frequently been manipulated and cheated by political forces who have abused their conferred power. 	   The Pied-Noir State adopts as its motto: “Peace as the only fight” (Sentence extracted from an editorial about Hiroshima by Albert Camus in the newspaper COMBAT (fight) on the 8th August 1945).  The means of action of the Pied-Noir State In order to exist, to carry out its missions, to help its People and its Nation, the Pied-Noir State : -	The 5 delegates of the highest state constituent bodies name: Mr. Jean-François Galea: President of the National Identity Commission, Mr. Jean-Claude Intartaglia: President of the Commission of New Techniques of Information and Communication, the person in charge of the Pied-Noir website and TV. Mr. Pierre Laborda: President of the International Diplomatic Code. ; Mr. Christian Gouchet: President of the Intelligence and Security Service. Mr. Claude de Bailleul: President of the Commission for the reviewing of the Constitution. Mrs. Marilda Vanuls-Zapata: President of the Commission of the Research of Territory.  Other commissions and services are being created.  -	Applies for the restitution of the 51 Pied-Noir properties situated in France, which were handed over by the french 5th Republic, with neither right nor title, to the algerian regime and private individuals with no regard for all international laws. This illegal donation, both in the way and the right, has been recognized by the Algerian Court of Auditors. -	Demands the placing of its cemetries in Algeria as world heritage. -	Leads the historical truth about the genocide, exodus and dispersal. -	Claims an compensation from France on the private immovables and movables of the Pied-Noir People, spoliated by the french 5th Republic and given to the 1st Algerian Republic, with neither right nor title. The whole according to Universal Declaration of the Right of Peoples signed in Algiers on the 4th of July of 1976 on reference to the United States Declaration of Independence signed on the 4th of July 1775 in Washington. -	Will acquire an International Investment Fund in order to take possession of a territory, will create its State Bank. -	Will make agreements with donor peoples who should support it, -	Will set up an international organization, in charge of collecting memberships and donations, -	Will organize festivities, press campaigns, open conferences, private debates…. -	Will publish hisorical books, through a Publishing House -	Will acquire publications and newsletters -	Will conclude a five-year development plan including big businesses which will act in a proffessional way when the State is settled on its territory and its ambassadorships are established.  Jacques Villard Head of the Pied-Noir State President of the Federation of the Two Shores President of PNMA Association President of COMPAS Association